Veteran Affairs

The majority of veterans in this country are living in poverty. Most have died without receiving any of the benefits that the government promised them, and others continue to live and a wait the day that their country will compensate them for their bravery and resilience during the darkest times of Nigeria’s history.

Senator Nyako understands what it means to defend Nigeria, its freedoms, and to protect the lives of individuals who are unable to defend themselves. As a veteran of the Nigerian Navy, he is sympathetic to the needs of veterans in this country—those who laid down their lives during the Biafra War and those who fought alongside the British during World Wars I and II.

Senator Nyako will urge elected officials to take veteran issues more seriously by providing needed services that cover mental and emotional health as well as retirement packages that including subsidized housing and pension plans.

Whatever programs or services he can provide to the veterans in Adamawa, he will do everything possible to make sure that the families of those who fought and died for us are adequately compensated.