Press Releases

Sen Nyako Meets with Representatives of Center for Civilians in Conflict
Mon, October, 31st 2016
Abuja, F.C.T - Today, I was graced with a visit from the members of the Center for Civilians in Conflict, a US based organization with objectives focused on improving protection and helping civilians who are caught in the midst of armed conflict. sen-nyako_visited2 Primarily, the essence of the visit was to discuss the NEDC and how they could be a part of it's rebuilding process for the North East Zone. Within the course of our meeting, I broke down the series of activities that would follow the now passed Bill, leading up to the eventual establishment of the commission. Now that the Bill has been successfully passed, a conference of the Senate and the House of Representatives is required to harmonize the Bill, after which, the consent of Mr President is given through his signature. At this point, the Bill is said to have become an Act of the National Assembly which is required for its establishment. What follows there after, is the establishment of the HQ by the Executives and appointments for the Board and Offices. It would be the responsibility of the leadership and staff of the Commission to carry out comprehensive surveys within the region to develop a Master Plan which would map out the actionable steps in restoring the region. It is at this stage that CSOs/NGOs and members of the public would be able to submit proposals on programmes to the Commission for consideration and possible implementation. #SenatorNyako