Nyako joins a panel of fellow legislators as they discuss resolutions to the North East Marshal Plan

Senator Nyako participated in a Joint session, which was attended by all elected legislators (Senators and House of Representative members) representing the North East. The panel convened to discuss the myriad of security and social problems facedRead More

Nyako speaks to community group members in Yola about opportunities for improving their socio-economic outcomes.

Senator Nyako joined members of his community in a round-table discussion about options for empowering the women, men, and youth within his constituency. The Senator spoke about job-readiness programs for youth and micro financing schemes to supportRead More

Nyako celebrates Eid el Fitr with a Durban Festival hosted by the Adamawa Emirate Council.

The Durban Festival is an annual festival celebrated in several cities of Nigeria including the city of Yola, Adamawa State . It is celebrated at the culmination of Muslim festivals of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The Durban in Yola is organized by the AdamawaRead More

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