Currently, Nigeria is suffering from an infrastructure deficit that not only affects the nation’s economic output, but also decreases the social sustainability of all Nigerians. It is the responsibility of all lawmakers to put in place policies that encourage partnerships that will improve infrastructure development in all areas specific to the military, critical infrastructure, urban infrastructure, public services, and the environment.

Public Services

Senator Nyako is increasingly concerned with the lack of federal support for the development of schools, hospitals, law enforcement and emergency services in Adamawa and throughout Nigeria. More significantly, the absence of well-managed sewage systems, water supply systems, and well-paved roads is at the forefront of Senator Nyako’s constituency development plans.

Adamawa citizens need to have access to public service facilities that enable them to carry out their daily activities without having to concern themselves with issues that should solely be the responsibility of the leaders they elected to serve them. Senator Nyako vows to make sure that these needs are given the proper attention and priority.

Critical Infrastructure

When dealing with the most critical security issues in the North and South-East regions of Nigeria, it’s important to identify where infrastructure shortfalls exist. The military is in need of tactical installations such as barracks, communication facilities, airfields, maintenance stations, and military equipment storage sites that are currently either mismanaged or absent.

In addition, in the event of natural disasters such as floods or storms, it is important that critical infrastructure such as bridges and sewages are available to enable evacuation and cleanup efforts. Most importantly, to enable thriving communities, the federal government needs to focus its attention electricity generation.

Senator Nyako will do his part as a legislator to call attention to the infrastructure needs in Adamawa and throughout the country.