Consideration of the Healthcare system in Nigeria is continuously diminishing, which can be observed by the absence of affordable healthcare schemes, trained health personnel, advanced medical equipment, and accessible health centers.

Preventative Care

Senator Nyako is a strong proponent of providing free preventative care to all Nigerians, especially women and children who are representative of a more vulnerable fragment of the population. In continuation of the free drugs and medical care provided to women and children under five years old during Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako’s governorship in Adamawa, Senator Nyako will expand the program to include free shots and screening tests that will be administered by clinics at no cost to the people of Adamawa.

Senator Nyako believes that the best way to maintain a healthy society is to provide the resources necessary to prevent future diseases or illnesses. This is why preventative care is of utmost importance to the Senator. He plans to push for the implementation of reforms, old and new, so that state and local governments are held accountable for the healthcare services provided to the communities that they serve.

Turnkey Health Centers

With the infrequency of health centers and hospitals in Adamawa, Senator Nyako plans to introduce turnkey health centers in partnership with international agencies and contracting firms that deal specifically with providing healthcare solutions to vulnerable communities.

This project will bring forth health centers that are fully equipped with modern instruments and equipment, as well as medical professionals that are trained and qualified. With the success of one health center, he will encourage more funding to build additional centers throughout Adamawa, so that there is accessible healthcare to the individuals that need them the most.