Lack of a quality public education system remains at the forefront of issues faced by many Nigerians. Senator Nyako believes that federal, state, and local governments should do everything in their power to insure that all Nigerians, young and old, have access to an excellent education that is affordable, accessible, and fulfilling.

Trained Educators

According to a study conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), teaching is the largest employer in the labour market—the World Bank estimated in 2010 that there were up to 900,000 teachers in primary and secondary education alone . This suggests that Nigerians from different educational backgrounds seeking employment are forced into teaching simply because there is a lack of opportunities in their chosen fields of study.

What this suggests is that adequate vetting systems are not in place to safeguard the quality of education that our students receive. Senator Nyako agrees that it is important for all educators, whether teaching in primary, secondary, or higher education institutions, to be well-qualified and trained. Senator Nyako agrees that the NBS study demonstrates a clear issue with the education system in Nigeria.

Firstly, there should be mechanisms in place to safeguard the education received by our children. Secondly, teachers who undergo a federal or state training program should be paid competitively in accordance with their qualifications and service to our schools and universities.

Senator Nyako believes that an investment in education is an investment in the future of this great nation. We should empower Nigerians with the right tools needed to succeed in all aspects of their lives—and all of this starts with quality education.

Investment in Resources

In Nigeria, there is an exceptional lack of resources in schools such as books, computers, writing utensils, and classroom equipment. Research shows that individuals thrive in environments that are equipped with the proper tools and instruments that are conducive to learning.

Senator Nyako wants to equip schools in Adamawa with the resources necessary for their students to thrive. He understands that there is a need—but more importantly, he recognizes that the fabric of his community depends on the development of satisfactory schools and higher learning institutions in the state.

Senator Nyako understands the role that state and local governments need to play in investing in educational institutions—to ensure that students have everything they need to learn and grow.